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After Sourav Ganguly’s tweet creates a stir, Jay Shah clarifies Dada has not resigned as BCCI president

Sourav Ganguly’s tweet created a massive buzz on social media and many were left wondering if the former India captain had decided to resign as the president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) after nearly three years at the helm. Ganguly, one of India’s most celebrated cricket captains, had taken over as BCCI president in October 2019 and with Jay Shah as secretary, the two oversaw three editions of the Indian Premier League in the Covid-19 era.

Once Sourav Ganguly’s tweet went viral, there were suggestions he would step down as the BCCI boss and enter politics. However, that tweet could well have been a social media stunt or perhaps he might join politics at some stage – neither of that is clear yet, but what is certain is that Sourav Ganguly is not resigning as BCCI president.

Sourav Ganguly’s tweet triggered enough speculation and interest in the media and on social media for BCCI secretary Jay Shah to clarify that the former was not stepping down from his position.

“Sourav Ganguly has not resigned as the president of BCCI,” Jay Shah told news agency ANI.

Sourav Ganguly and Jay Shah were involved in executing plans for the IPL at a time when Covid-19 had made sporting activities difficult. In 2020, the IPL was postponed because of the pandemic but it was seamlessly organised in the UAE from September 19 to November 10. In 2021, the IPL had to be suspended after the first half but it was continued later in the year in the UAE. The IPL returned to India in 2022 and the final was open to a full house in Ahmedabad, which also included a closing ceremony.

Sourav Ganguly might well be counted among India’s best captains but his tenure as BCCI boss has had its share of controversies. Last year, Virat Kohli stepped down as India’s T20I captain and then he was removed as the ODI skipper.

Before departing for the tour of South Africa, Virat Kohli addressed the media and contradicted Ganguly’s claims that he had him to stay on as T20I captain. In interviews following Kohli’s decision to step down as India’s T20I skipper, Ganguly had said he wanted Kohli to stay.

However, Virat Kohli refuted that statement in a hard-hitting press conference: “When I communicated with the BCCI first about quitting T20I captaincy, I told them that this is my point of view, these are the reasons for my decision, it was received quite well. No one took offence, no one had any hesitation. No one told me that I should not leave the T20I captaincy.”

Virat Kohli also said there was no prior communication with him regarding the decision to sack him as the ODI captain.

“Whatever was said about the communication that happened during the decision that was made was inaccurate. I was contacted 1 and half hours before the meeting on the 8th with the Test series. There was no prior communication at all since the time I announced the T20I captaincy decision until the 8th of December,” Kohli had said.

Later, it was learnt that Sourav Ganguly wanted to issue a show cause notice to Virat Kohli for his comments made to the media and seek an explanation. However, BCCI secretary Jay Shah intervened and convinced Ganguly to not send that show cause notice.

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