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Come back stronger: Fans wish Alexander Zverev speedy recovery after horror injury in French Open 2022

Alexander Zverev took a nasty tumble in the second set of the semi final of the French Open forcing him to crash out of the competition against Rafael Nadal. A marathon game that was in its fourth hour, Zverev twisted his right ankle horribly while attempting a forehand in the tiebreaker of the second set. Right after he fell, he screamed in agony and was taken away with the help of a wheelchair.

The injury was so bad that the broadcasters chose not to replay the incident all together. Zverev, though, walked out on crutches after a few minutes and pulled out of the game, sending Nadal to the final of the French Open.

Fans reacted to the injury suffered by the German player and were rightly horrified with the way things unfolded in the Philippe-Chatrier court in Paris.

The intensely fought match between Zverev and Nadal had no clear winner even after three hours and thirteen minutes as the players were not ready to give up a single inch to their opponents. Zverev looked the more dominant player in the first set, going up 4-2 against Nadal while playing some aggressive tennis. However, the veteran showed a lot of heart to come back and win the first set by 7-6 in the tie-breaker after one and a half hours.

In the second set, the rallies got longer between the two as they desperately tried to find footing in the game, but failure to hold onto their serves stretched the game. Once the game moved into the tie-break, the tiring players showed resilience to battle the heat and put up a good show, but the game was cut short after Zverev’s fall.

Speaking after the game, Nadal said that he empathised with Zvere’s injury and it was hard to watch him cry.

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