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Crucial CCTV footage destroyed as hunt goes on to find culprit behind mismanagement in Champions League final

Champions League final fell into a massive chaos right ahead of the game where fans with tickets failed to get entry into the stadium despite arriving hours before kickoff.

Fans wait behind the gates, failing to make it into the stadium in Champions League Final. (Courtesy: Reuters)


  • Frech Football Federation said that the CCTV evidence has been destroyed
  • Liverpool mayor was allegedly robbed in the ruckus
  • Fans were pepper-sprayed by French police ahead of kickoff

As the investigation goes on to find the culprits behind horror mismanagement of the Champions League final, the French Football Federation (FFP) has revealed that the CCTV footage from the ground has been deleted. The federation further explained that this has been done in line with the French law that stipulates it must be destroyed within seven days unless it is subject to a warrant from judicial authorities.

The Champions League final fell into chaos right ahead of the kickoff, with fans being denied entry into the stadium. Despite arriving hours before the kickoff time visiting fans from England were not allowed entry which resulted in a huge ruckus ahead of the game between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

As chaos ensued, the French Police decided to pepper spray and tear-gassed sections of fans which included children. The kickoff was delayed by 37 minutes, which left the fans seething in one of the most anticipated games in football.

“We’re surprised,” the Senate commission’s co-president, Laurent Lafon, told news agency AFP, adding that an investigation was opened the day after the game.

“There was plenty of time to request them (the images). We need to understand what happened.”

He said the debacle at the stadium appeared to be “an accumulation of dysfunctions” linked to a “lack of preparation.”

Liverpool mayor Steve Rotheram, who alleged that he was robbed at the stadium said that he fails to understand why the videos were destroyed.

French Senate leader Bruno Retailleau added, “everything leads to believe that we knowingly let compromising exhibits be destroyed.”

UEFA earlier refused to take cognisance of the situation, blaming the incident on the fans. However, they changed their stance after tremendous social media pressure and statements from both Liverpool and Real Madrid, who asked for investigations and justifications as to why their fans were tear-gassed outside the stadium.

As things stand, the French police still hold on to their own evidence, which will now come into play to find the reasons behind the chaos.

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