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If they want to boo, they can do that: Max Verstappen bullish ahead of Silverstone Grand Prix


Reigning Formula One champion Max Verstappen dismissed the boos from the crowd after qualifying second for the race at Silverstone Grand Prix. One of the most anticipated races of the year, Silverstone has history with Verstappen after he crashed at the race in 2021 during an intense battle with Lewis Hamilton, the home favourite.

Their cars collided against each other during a high speed overtake attempt at the Copse which resulted in a 52G crash for Verstappen.

The season ended in huge controversy in Abu Dhabi after a late change to the safety car procedure that took out the entire advantage from Mercedes, who led the race for the majority of the time.

“If they want to boo, they do that. For me it is not going to change anything,” said Verstappen, after the qualifying rounds.

A section of the crowd cheered when Verstappen spun in the track, but it subsequently changed to boos after he was able to save his car and keep the nose straight. Incidentally, his crash in 2021 was cheered by the crowd as well.

“I am happy to always be here. It is a great track, a great atmosphere in general. Maybe some of them don’t like me. That is fine. They all have their own opinions and I don’t care,” he added.

Verstappen’s main championship rival last year, Hamilton, was booed by Verstappen fans in Hungary last year. Hamilton took the high road by stating that the fans did not need to do that, unlike Verstappen, who had said that it was not up to him to control the actions of the crowd.

“We don’t need to do that. We should be here pushing everybody,” the Briton told reporters.

“But I really do appreciate the support I have here, and maybe some of them are still feeling the pain from last year. So either way I appreciate it.”

Team boss Toto Wolff said booing was abusive.

“I think that’s unsportsmanlike,” added the Austrian.

“It’s clear that we love the support the drivers have here and the team, that’s fantastic and the enthusiasm. But if you’re not into the other guys, just remain silent. I think that would be a good way.

“I think none of the drivers deserves any booing, whatever happened last year, whatever the competition is.”


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