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It is a manna from heaven: Former Premier League manager Phil Brown praises direction of Indian football

Indian football is set for an overhaul in the 2022-23 season with changes in schedule and timings for the domestic leagues.

ISL is set to return in October. (Courtesy: PTI)


  • Indian football schedule was curbed due to the pandemic
  • ISL is going to shift to weekend heavy timings
  • India is expected to reap heavy rewards with the new calendar

Former Premier League manager and ex-coach of Hyderabad FC Phil Brown has welcomed a full-fledged calendar for Indian football. With the world slowly beginning to come to normality after the Covid-19 pandemic, India is set fr sweeping changes in the domestic set-up.

From the 2022/23 season, India is going to begin its football action from August with Durand Cup and will then head to Indian Super League and I-League from October and the season will commence with the Super Cup in May.

ISL will also be moving to become a weekend-centric schedule with games being played between Thursday to Sunday. This will make for a better schedule for the players and coaches, and the hope is that the viewership will rise as well.

63-year-old Brown welcomed the move from a coach’s perspective and said that it was great to have so much time with the players.

“For me as far as coaches in India are concerned, it is a manna from heaven. It is a fantastic move forward for Indian football. As a foreign coach coming to India all we want to do is train with players. We call it contact time. The more contact time you have with the place the better chance the player has of improving. It is the most important part in my opinion for the improvement of individuals,” ANI quoted Brown as saying.

“The elongation of the season taking it into 9 months takes contact time to another level. It helps the game to expand and improve but also helps the coaches in knowing the players better from a psychological point of view. The whole package is now nothing but a positive for an Indian player,” he further added.

Brown said that the move will help India develop younger players a lot quicker which will eventually help the national team.

“With the number of matches and the number of Indians in the squad going up accounting for injury and rotation, every Indian player in the squad is going to be used. That in itself can only aid development. Someone who will not feature at the start of the season will get the chances in the middle and suddenly you get a run of 3-4 games. That exposure for players for me is moving in football in the right direction where it should be going,” he said

“Playing we can to we can give players adequate rest coaches the time to prepare better on the training fields and with the fans coming in it provides for better quality of the product which will open the turnstiles. Fans will want to come in because the product becomes more established. Indian football is moving in the right direction with that decision,” he concluded.

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