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Mark Webber predicts Max Verstappen to cruise to Driver’s Championship win: Wrap it up with three races to go


Mark Webber has claimed that Red Bull’s Max Verstappen will cruise to the Formula One Driver’s Championship and wrap things up with three races remaining.

The reigning World Champion has been on a roll recently and secured his sixth win of the season in Canada. He currently sits on top of the Driver’s standings and has a 46-point advantage over teammate Sergio Perez. He also has a lead of 49 points over Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc.

Speaking to the Guardian, Webber said that his former team will continue to dominate the season and they have an answer for everything at the moment.

“Red Bull will continue to dominate this championship. They have a car that is very good on downforce levels, on all compounds of tyre. It’s like a tennis player on all surfaces or a golfer on all holes, short, long, chipping, putting, driving, the Red Bull can do everything. Red Bull have pretty much an answer for anything at the moment, Max could wrap it up with three races to go,” said Webber.

The Australian also opened up on Red Bull favouring Verstappen over Perez and said that the 24-year-old is clearly on the rise at the moment.

“I like Sergio a lot but over the course of the season, over time, Max will just find a way to start accumulating bigger points. In Azerbaijan Max drove away down the road, it was a very emphatic victory. Then in Canada it’s raining, it’s dry, it’s cold, it’s tricky and Max all weekend was phenomenal,” said Webber.

The former driver also expressed his admiration for the depth and continuity maintained by Red Bull since his days with the team.

“I know deep down they like the heat, delivering under pressure. Strategically they are brave, they are quite free, even with the trophy cabinet they have, they don’t have paralysis by analysis. Give them a job and they just get on with it. Hanna Schmitz, the race strategist, she was there when I was there. The same people have been through the tough times and the great times, that’s something I really admire,” said Webber.


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